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“Great photo (by @m1chaelmorr1son) from TWBB last night at United Palace with @JnnyG and @WordlessMusic Orchestra”
- Wordless Music on twitter (21 September)

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People’s Climate on twitter (21 September, retweeted by Thom)

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Jonny at the United Palace.

*thanks to Julie

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Photos of Jonny’s setup for the two NYC performances of There Will Be Blood with the Wordless Music Orchestra, specifically taken prior to the first performance. "Now that’s something you won’t find anywhere else."

Jonny performed with his original student model digital Ondes Martenot, which he used on the recorded soundtrack and on Radiohead albums since Kid A. As was also visible in the picture from rehearsal, Jonny seems to have taped some pieces of plastic in place to prevent the keyboard from moving from side-to-side. These are a fairly recent addition, but they do not seem to be for the performance as Jonny only uses the ring for the score of There Will Be Blood. Perhaps it was for Radiohead’s September session?!

The instrument is set for a sine wave in the “8-stop” high register, with pitch controlled by the ruban. Both speaker outputs are used, and both are maxed. Jonny also has one of the tone sliders, perhaps the high-cut filter, turned on, though it is also maxed.

Jonny ran the Ondes into two amplifiers. Rather than use his Palme, or any of of his newer Ondes Musicales diffusers, Jonny opted for a simple JBL PA speaker (serving as a Principal, D1) and a Vox AC30c2 (serving as a Résonance, D2).

The JBL PA is probably an older version Eon, perhaps an Eon 15 G2. The PA speaker is a fairly standard loudspeaker, so it works well as a Principal.

Jonny’s Martenot ran into the Vox AC30c2(x?)’s normal channel low input. The amp was set to a fairly low volume, and with a slight high-cut. Both knobs of the reverb nearly maxed, but the tremolo turned off. Positions of the top boost knobs are irrelevant, since he isn’t using that channel, but perhaps

Note that none of Jonny’s Ondes Martenot playing on the soundtrack is of low enough a pitch to damage the speakers of the Vox, so he can use it without worry (as he did for the Henry Rollins performance of Cymbal Rush).

Jonny also had a Boss RV5, which seems to have been set for a plate reverb. I don’t know which amp it was used with, or if it was just a spare in case anything went wrong with the AC30. Perhaps it was meant for some vague emulation of the Metallique diffuseur, though he may just like the sound of the plate reverb.

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Stanley Donwood on twitter (21 September 18:42 BST)

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Nigel Godrich on twitter (21 September)

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“#PeoplesClimate i am Sad I cannot make it on the march today:( i am praying the UN sees another future is possible !”
- Thom Yorke on twitter (21 September)

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I was so glad to see Julie got him to sign something for her! I wish I had pix to do this woman justice, she made everything she was wearing: a bag with AMOK on one side & the Eraser on the other - signed by Thom, Nigel and Flea, second bag with a big silkscreen of jonny’s face on it, bears poufy skirt, massive jonny earrings, little earring made from early image thom tweeted of polyfauna that she laminated, a bow ring with the 2 meeting people is easy figures, one on each side, I can’t even remember the rest.  She was interviewed for an UPCOMING DOCUMENTARY ON JONNY’S TWBB LIVE CONCERTS being made by an North Carolina group of filmmakers named ROCKFISHSTEW.  They have a mailing list on their site if you want to hear news about the film.

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where’s waldo


where’s waldo

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Look at this fucking theater oh my god


Look at this fucking theater oh my god

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