Jonny with fan in Fermo Italy
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Thom Yorke/Marc Maron Interview - Thom & Marc breaking down Capitalism.


Thom: “But that whole ‘trickle down’ thing which Thatcher started talking about in the 80’s - no one believes that.”

Marc: “Of course not.”

Thom: “But that’s up there with like Americans still believing in a..what was it? A meritocracy,”

Marc: “Right. Exactly. What ‘trickle down’ amounts to is - ’ the poor will adapt or die’” 

Thom: “Exactly.”

Marc: “And they’re nothing but an obstacle anyways..”

Thom: “And the whole argument about, well,  ”if these people make money, then we all make money.. It obviously falls down when you’ve got the whole concept of ‘tax dodging’” 

Marc: “Exactly. We’ll make all of their money… How much of this in terms of your..intellectually and emotionally, when did you start thinking about this stuff because I know you’ve had battles with record companies and seeking freedom from that - it’s not that much different. Was that when you awakened politically or were you always like that?”

Thom : “Um no. I was always into it. Like even at school. Even at like, a private boarding school I was always the chippy left-winger, even though my father wasn’t. It was more like that Thatcher period where, a lot of people really did subscribe to the idea of somehow there’s this holy grail of capitalism is ‘we’ve just freed the market enough’ and as was happening during the Reagan era here - if we free the market enough then righteousness will prevail and we will all be rich, but actually all that was happening is that the Goldsmiths of this world were coming here and Britain and like buying it, pillaging it, taking the money and moving to an island and going mad.”

Marc: “Absolutely that’s exactly it. The idea of - if you have completely unregulated free market capitalism, that somehow it will find it’s own level. And everybody will benefit.”

Thom: “Yeah.”

Marc: And the one thing they never talk about, which was indicated during the banking crisis, “What? You didn’t take into mind that greed would somehow affect people?” 

Thom: “I know. Because the market is morally righteous.”

Marc: “So there’s no greed?” 

Thom; “I wish they could come up with a set of more fluffy words for saying what we were just saying though; because we both sound like chippy old lefties. But actually, what we’re none of what we’re talking about is either chippy or lefty.”

Mard: I”t’s practical.”

Thom: “No this is - actually it’s the shit. Right here.”

Marc: “It is. It’s the truth.”

Thom: “Give me some other words to use and I’ll explain using other words like bill and ben or you know, in the language of Sesame Street or”

Marc: “So people could really understand.”

Thom: “Wouldn’t that be a great episode of Sesame Street? Wouldn’t it?”

Marc: “It is fairly complicated; In this country, the reason most people who will vote against their own economic self-interest and not pay attention to the criminality of what’s happening.. I think somewhere in the American sensibility is that they don’t think it applies to them. Because they could be a millionaire. That could happen”.

Thom: “That’s what I was talking about with the meritocracy. “If you work hard; you’ll do well.”

Marc; “Yeah.”

Thom: “Really??? Really?? You think so?” 


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Thom DJing in LA

spellesmusic’s video on Instagram [X]

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With Radiohead’s Philip Selway, Mary Anne Hobbs - BBC Radio 6 Music [X]
First broadcast: Saturday 30 August

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Philip Selway answers fan questions on twitter - interviewed by Maryanne Hobbs (for BBC 6 Music Weekend Breakfast show), 31 July



via maryanne hobbs on twitter (31 July)

“interviewing @philipselway (@radiohead ) now for @BBC6Music Weekend Breakfast show.. have you for a burning question for him?”

“Thanks for your Philip Selway questions.
And the answers are ….”

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So he’s in town again and doesn’t call me . Ugh! #thomyorke djing at the Roosevelt tonite #djthomyorke  (at The Roosevelt Hotel Pool)


So he’s in town again and doesn’t call me . Ugh! #thomyorke djing at the Roosevelt tonite #djthomyorke (at The Roosevelt Hotel Pool)

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Thom DJing in LA
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Jonny Greenwood - Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast

Jonny Greenwood’s performance of Electric Counterpoint from Steve Reich’s album “Radio Rewrite”(Release Date: Sep 30)

sound from the first play on BBC Radio 3’s Saturday Classics (Aug 23)

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Yeah, when I mentioned a few days ago that Reich’s Radio Rewrite was coming out next month with Electric Counterpoint à la Greenwood, none of you guys seemed to give a shit, but nonetheless here’s the third movement of the latter off the record. It doesn’t deliver quite as satisfyingly on the bass drop as it did in the Barbican performance, but committing something to tape often results in more measure and restraint, especially in classical music. Is Greenwood’s the best recording of Reich’s piece? It’s impossible to compare it with Metheny’s, which has long been the definitive version, because the two interpretations are so cosmically different, but it’s a worthy equal.

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Humor by Stanley Donwood [Published: 02.10.2014] | Faber

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