“4 bicycle crashes in diminishing order of interest// http://boneshakermag.com
- Stanley Donwood on twitter

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Atoms For Peace created an event on Facebook
吉祥寺バウスシアター 第7回爆音映画祭 5月13日(火)
(*‘AFP - Live at Studio Coast’ will be screened at the Baus Theater in Tokyo, Japan)

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Colin talking about Independent Venue Week.

Source Video : http://vimeo.com/91634711

Too many clothes Colin, take a hint from thOm, why don’t you?

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Atoms For Peace -Studio Coast, Japan.x-

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PROSHOT - Atoms For Peace - Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan (2013-11-23) HD [[9 songs]]

01 - Intro/ 02 - Before Your Very Eyes/ 03 - The Clock/ 04 - Ingenue/ 05 - And It Rained All Night/ 06 - Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses/ 07 - Harrowdown Hill/ 08 - Reverse Running/ 09 - Atoms For Peace/ 10 - Black Swan

Download link

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NEWS FROM NOWHERE - Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren


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New DAS post by Thom - TOdAy’s MAtchsticks

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“chocolate Twitt”
- Thom Yorke on twitter

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“3 new prints// http://www.londonprintfair.com //24 - 27 april// royal academy// tag fine arts// stand 37”
- Stanley Donwood on twitter

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when somebody talks to me like talking to Thom or a sort of official staff, i feel embarrassed and at the same time pleased.

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to Eric B,

“God’s in his heaven; all’s right with the world”

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Big Ears Festival, Shervin Lainez.-


Big Ears Festival, Shervin Lainez.-

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"Is it your birthday?  No shit!" [X]

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Happy birthday, you conventionally attractive bastard!

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